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Agonize, set in the 1950s follows the story of a mad scientist named Charles Dwyer. After the passing of his wife and children he begun to perform unusual experiments in the efforts to bring life back to his home, But not all went as planned for Charles. He had instead created uncontrollable beasts beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

The surrounding neighbours begun to report demonic screams coming from the direction of Charles home, nobody had seen or been in contact with him for weeks...

As a curious group of teenagers, its up to you to find out what happened to Charles and to take down what lurks within...

Front of the Manor inside Agonize
Dark and scary room inside Agonize Manor


  • Discover charles's left behind information for clues on his miscreations. Make sure to use this to your advantage...

  • Split up or work as a team to search the house on a quest to locate his serums, you'll need these if you want to get out alive...

  • Make sure to locate any tools possible in the house that will keep you safe and out of danger while you craft the correct concoction for the beasts you're against.

  • Becareful not to make any mistakes with Charles potions. Providing the monster with the incorrect serums could be fatal to you and your teams survival.



  • 1-4 Player online co-op
    Play with friends or join an online lobby for horrifying 1-4 player co-op gameplay.

  • Replayability & Challenging gameplay
    New game, new problems to face. With randomised spawns, interactions and unique monsters, Agonize keeps you constantly on your toes for unpredictable gameplay.

  • Immersive visuals
    Realistic graphics, eerie environment and a minimalistic HUD create the most immersive experience for you and your friends.

  • Radio and proximity voice chat
    Local voice chat takes working as a team to a whole new level. Its time to mute your private chat and immerse yourself in the horror that Agonize has to offer.

Kids room inside Agonize manor